Monday, 12 August 2013

Motivational Monday

If ever there has been a Monday that I have needed motivation this is it! Still feeling like rubbish with the cold and stuck at home with Bronchiolitis Boy. It's cold and yucky outside too.

I get most of my motivation from 3 sources

1 - My work colleagues who are also my gym buddies. It's great to have a positive, healthy work atmosphere! If you know you've got to meet your work chum for a class/run/training session you feel a bit of a dick if you have to cancel or don't give it your all!

2 - My Personal Trainer! A luxury I know but it's worth it for me! I last had a PT four and a half years ago before my eldest came along (in fact I had a training session the day I went into labour!). It's only this year that I have taken the plunge and invested in my health and shelled out for a trainer again! When your trainer is an Ironman you can't really complain about your workout! Although it doesn't stop me!

3 - Some of the crazy folk I follow on Instagram!


Check out some of their posts. These guys are truly out of my league but it doesn't stop them being an inspritation ...

Today's feeble (non) effort ...

FOOD - half a berry muffin
- 2 minute noodles
- homemade chicken curry and a teeny tiny handful of hot chips!

DRINK - 3 cups of tea
- 1 pint of water
- red wine! I choose not to divulge the volume!


Don't frett folks I know this is nonsense for a fitness blog BUT give me a few days ...

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