Monday, 19 August 2013

Lets Try That Again

Excuses don't burn calories indeed but I have a bunch of excuses and unburied calories ...

Last week went down pretty fast ... After contracting whatever hideous virus struck the boy down i was a snivelling, snorting, bug eyed, coughing and spluttery mess! My activity levels reduced to the minimum required for me and the kids to survive and comfort eating felt necessary!

Finish the week with an Earthquake or six and copious amounts of alcohol were added into the mix!

No exercise, comfort eating and alcohol were not really part of the 'Retraining Rufus' plan! Nevertheless here we are again, the start of a new week and another attempt at chasing the healthy lifestyle dream!

  • fancy gluten free six seed bread with pâté for Brekkie
  • same bread for morning tea with almond butter
  • avocado, tomato, cottage cheese, shredded chicken, sundries tomatoes, lite salad dressing for lunch, and a cheeky wee peanut cereal bar for pudding.
  • tiny sliver of sponge cake for afternoon tea
  • beans on toast for dinner

  • copious amounts of tea and not enough water

  • exercise on a Monday is particularly tricky but we went for a wee run/walk with the pram and dog. Only 20 minutes but something to start the week of as I mean to go on ...


Weight : 74.2kg
Chest : 100.5cm
Arms : 28cm
Waist : 105.5cm
Bum : 105.5cm
Thighs : 61cm

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